OSRAM Partnership

Osram Opto Semiconductors and Chronoptics to cooperate on 3D ToF Camera Development Kit

The three-dimensional capturing of the surroundings is key in lots of different applications. From LiDAR (light detection and ranging) in cars for autonomous driving to biometric identification systems to unlock mobile devices. 3D sensing systems consist of several different building blocks which need to be ideally coordinated. Usually an infrared light source illuminates the defined field of view for a special 3D camera. A downstream software finally processes the recorded image or depth information.


Category: Wearables/Mobiles
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: VCSEL
Year: 2020

Based on Chronoptics’ patented depth processing algorithms alongside Osram’s infrared VCSEL technologies, both companies are developing a unique 3D ToF camera system with improved performance compared to state of the art iToF cameras. The Chronoptics KEA 3D ToF camera system will be used for industrial, consumer as well as automotive use cases. With its small dimensions of only 100mm x 40mm x 35mm the camera is designed for an operating distance between 0.2 to 15 meters and has an ambient light immunity of up to 120.000 lux.

Osram’s Bidos P2433Q VCSEL has been chosen due to its compact form factor, its market leading performance with regards to power output and module efficiencies of 38% today and upcoming modules with up to 50% as well as its high-volume manufacturing package concept.

“During the project we really enjoyed the close technical support and intense exchange on the project with our partners at Osram,” explains Richard Conroy, CEO and founder of Chronoptics. “We simplify the design and integration of 3D camera solutions into tomorrow’s intelligent products for our partners, leveraging our patented depth processing and deep ToF expertise. Our KEA ToF camera, powered by Osram’s leading VCSEL illumination, is available to accelerate your product development.”

New Zealand based Chronoptics develops ToF cameras that deliver clean, accurate 3D data tailored for any application.