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3D cameras

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and 3D ISP

3D cameras enable devices to make sense of our three dimensional world.

Chronoptics are experts in Time of Flight (ToF) 3D camera technology. We exist to simplify the design, manufacture and integration of 3D cameras into clever and revolutionary products for our partners across automotive, consumer, robotics, security and industrial.

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3D render visualisation of automotive application - a car sending pedestrians crossing the road.

Why Chronoptics?

Optimal Performance

Chronoptics 3D cameras deliver clean & accurate data in almost any scenario with our embedded 3D ISP technology. Our KEA CDK is ready to deploy from prototyping to production.

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Expert team

We’re intensely focussed on our craft. You say “obsessed nerd”, we say “yea, probably”. We have deep expertise in ToF depth sensing that we will leverage to build your next 3D enabled product.

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Flexible approach

We are hardware-agnostic and will tailor the optimal solution for your application following a customer-led design and production process.

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About Us

Brilliant minds who love to solve complex problems using clever technology.

Depth sensing will be embedded in a myriad of tomorrow's new products and solutions. Our purpose is to enable this to happen leveraging our niche speciality in ToF in order to help machines see!

Chronoptics was born out of decades of ground-breaking ToF research conducted at the University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Richard Conroy
CEO / Founder
Refael Whyte
CTO / Founder
Jessica King
Head of Operations
Adrian Dorrington
Founder / Director
John Sharpe
IndependenT Chair

Featured News

Chronoptics and Melexis

Chronoptics and Melexis (global microelectronics engineering company) team up to deliver robust and accurate 3D depth sensing to the automotive market, leveraging our time-of-flight multi-path correction technology.

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KEA Development Kit

Check out our KEA camera development kit, available now to get your 3D product to market faster. Ships with our embedded 3D ISP and our ToF Viewer software suite to enable you to get the cleanest, most accurate depth data possible.

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Chronoptics has partnered with ams OSRAM on our KEA camera development kit, utilising their infrared VCSEL technologies to provide a unique camera system with improved performance compared to state of the art iToF cameras.

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Chronoptics' Unique Design Process

Learn more about our unique systems design process for time-of-flight depth modules at this blog. If you are interested in designing or optimizing a time-of-flight depth module say hello!

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